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Oh I totally called that Star Wars bug back in this thread...don't make me go look for it.

you are right... shame on me


I must have forgotten about it. But at least we have it fixed now, and I hope the garbage graphics has gone as well with the latest svn

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Yes there are users. I will go find some more bugs now as it looks like Etabeta (you rock!) cleared my bugzilla entries. Was having compile problems last night (something megadrive related) so I couldn't test. I'll try again tonight and post my error somewhere if I can't figure it out (maybe user related).

current svn should compile fine (see http://mess.redump.net/mess:compile_failure )

bug reports are of course always welcome, especially if you can compare the current behavior with MESS 0.135 (0.136 had known problem, so it's not a good comparison), just to separate newly introduced issues from old problems

EDIT: also, please use a revision beyond 7543 to test... there were regressions with 7540 (sprite table creation is still not ready to be moved in the proper place, and I would prefer to avoid big regression until 0.137 is out wink )

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