Ranting aside, what do you guys think of the XML format for mapping SNES games?

Spec here:

Theory is that a real SNES does not look at the internal header bits to determine how to map it. And while with enough magic we are able to get all known games playable, the maps are most definitely not correct. Memory is mapped where nothing should be and vice versa.

The XML mapping is meant to describe the physical board layout in correlation to the popular SFC images. And although it doesn't directly give us perfect mapping, it allows for the possibility.

We just need to combine PCB identification:

With the layouts mapped out by Overload. And lastly either keep an internal database associating games with their PCB IDs, or get tools like GoodSNES to include the proper XML maps.

And voila, no more header magic.

The point of XML over a strict internal database SHA256=PCB list is to allow ROM hacks and translations a means with which to run. Given the dozens upon dozens of triple-A translations for this system, it's very important to allow for this.