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Can you port the theoretical code for adc/sbc TO the snes (without actually using decimal mode on the snes) and then have the snes sequentially do actual adc/sbc ops, then do software emulation, and compare the two (and throw an error to screen if they don't match)? I know MooglyGuy had something similar for testing mess's n64 rsp core vs the real one on the n64 itself, though I don't know what happened to it...


This makes the most sense to me.. you could do a random stress test (just throw random sequences at it, reporting if any fail) or just allow the test range to be subdivided so that anybody with a copier can run a range of it overnight if they want.

I don't know what the SNES community is like these days, but there might be enough people out there willing to run their SNES for a week to get some idea of if the 16-bit implementation is accurate.