blargg made an extensive 16-bit adc/sbc test, which his algorithm and my 16-bit adaptation passes. He is 100% sure the implementation is perfect. I'll try and get a link to that when I can, need to get it e-mailed to me at home.

So, ADC/SBC out of the way. I'm tired of talking about the MUL/DIV delays, let's get that one resolved for good already.

blargg appears to have cracked the MUL algorithm already. I haven't personally confirmed it on hardware, but I trust his results. We need help with the DIV algorithm next.

Please join and discuss here if you can help:

And again I'll emphasize here, please don't provide baseless speculation and educated guesses. Nintendo hardware is not based on any semblance of logic or reasoning.

Answers and actual hardware research only, please.