blargg figured out the DIV algorithm:

It works exactly like the 8-step MUL, only this one is 15-step.

So yeah, congratulations everyone. We can finally trick d4s' code into thinking it is running on a real SNES smile

There is a caveat that the new mini-SNES acts a little different on how it computes. But the new SNES really is a substantial redesign of a lot of the hardware. Not as much as a clone RetroDuo, but still. I chose to go after 1/1/1 and 2/1/3. When those are perfected (hah), I can consider the mini-SNES more.

But differences aside, these algorithms do have the important property that the true results are available at the correct time now. And it means that anything that relies on them won't work on certain hardware revisions.

So this really is an important thing to have. Almost as important as not writing to VRAM during active display.