MESS SVN #7566 passes all 4 ADC/SBC test programs. Woot!

Great laugh

And as for:

My turn to say this back at Cowering ... "hopefully some of the other emu authors will fix their code" :P

[Linked Image from byuu.org]
(and my screenshot isn't double-width xD)

But I'll be nicer wink


There is one small caveat. It seems real hardware will freak out on rare occasion if you strobe the registers too quickly. You'll see in my test_math.ufo file that there are three invalid bytes. They are essentially being ORed with ... something.

When this ORing happens depends on the individual SNES (different even for the same CPU/PPU1/PPU2 combination), and it is consistent (eg repeatable); and blargg has one that doesn't OR results at all.

The important point though is that the underlying algorithms are correct, as is the timing.