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Super Kick Boxing has some graphic glitches again... frown

I found the reason of these glitches: a "break;" had disappeared (while I was fixing a regression in Super Street Fighter 2) and we ended up changing the sprite address at the wrong time.

It's unfortunate you haven't noticed it before 0.137, but huge thanks for reporting it now. smile

Indeed, Super Kick Boxing suffered of the same problem as R-Type 3, but I was pretty sure the latter got broken by my new OAM code. Thanks to your report, I was able to discover that in fact both problems were present since rev.7546 and this helped a lot to spot the real issue and to fix it.

I will never repeat it enough: development and progresses would be way slower without testers.

EDIT: and, to clarify, the R-Type 3 regression which got fixed is the messed up title screen. problems reported in the advanced levels ( http://www.bannister.org/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=59855#Post59855 ) are still there and will need some more debugging.

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