Hi all,

Hopefully i'm not asking something that's been answered, i've looked around for the answer but without success.

here's the tl;dr: I have a folder containing a complete 20MB hard drive that I want to make into a chd for Mess.

I've yanked all the data from an old WD-25 MFM drive through a straight copy, and was hoping to make a chd out of it to use with MESS. It's from an IBM XT that I had as a kid. Any ideas on whether this can be done? I'd like to create a chd directly from the drive itself, but to get the data off, I had to boot from a DOS floppy, and xcopy to a zip drive, so having this folder is my only real option right now. I have access to both Windows and Linux (for dd or tar) if that helps or is needed.

thanks in advance.