I can understand the pedancy about blending hires mode. If you guys really want to go with the hideous version here ( http://mamedev.emulab.it/etabeta/fast/files/0051.png ), you can just tell people to stand really far back so that the eyes naturally blend the two layers wink

My understanding was that someone tried this on an RGB monitor (either with SCART or an RGB mod), and it still blurred. I don't think that the S-PPU itself is doing the blending.

Also note that the same blur affects both true hires and pseudo-hires. It's extremely inconsistent to only apply it to one and not the other. With the right tiledata and maps, you can make the exact same image in either true or pseudo-hires mode. They should not look different just because hires is more often actually 512-width, and pseudo-hires is more often used to blend two 256-width layers together.


I have a huge favor to ask. Apparently the game Speedy Gonzales, both v1.0 and v1.1 lock up in level 6-1 whenever you hit this button:

Snark says it doesn't lock up on the real thing.

Some starting trace log stuff here:

I can't seem to figure this one out. It apparently affects every emulator out there, but not real hardware. And the game isn't doing anything even slightly unusual smirk

Given that it also affects MESS, could I bug you guys to see if you can find a fix as well smile

Would really like some help. None of the other SNES emu devs are active anymore.

EDIT: to make it less horrible, here's a hack to always start at level 6-1 smile

$81a626 lda $0b55
Modify that to:
a9 05 00; or lda #$0005

And Youtube comments on this:

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