Well, I'm not an expert of this but the wd17xx hook-up doesn't make sense to me, it writes:

0xbe -> [0xdc]
0xfa -> [0xdd]
0x84 -> [0xdc]
0x12 -> [0xdd]
0xf7 -> [0xd8]

Then expect that the status bit is set high at [0xd8]. According to the source code, 0xd8-0xdb should be the usual command, track, sector, data, but if I hack the aforementioned status bit I get:

0xfe -> [0xda]
0xff -> [0xdb]
0x00 -> [0xde] (?)
0x13 -> [0xdd]
0xff -> [0xd9]
0x7f -> [0xd8]
Then it reads again the status bit ... ah, doesn't read the data thing ... at all ...

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