@Kale: you can add that Rudra no Hihou has problem when the text windows appear and that R-Type 3 graphics get garbled in the second intro loop

OTOH Captain Commando (J) works now, I tried it yesterday. Yoshi's Island works as well in 7670 (even if with huge graphics issues) but you have to use snessfx because it's a Super FX game.

A couple of question tough:

*SNES Test Program: fails "Electronic Test" / one item in Character Test is wrongly displayed (OPT Mode)

which one? It seems the same as bsnes to me...

and how can I reach that Fushigi no Dungeon 2 score table?

@algrun: where did Tokimeki changed compared to past revisions? it works exactly the same as it did for me (svn 7670), and it keeps freezing as soon as I select anything in game (as it has always done)

I'm going to slowly test other issues today. I expect all the protection screens not to appear anymore...

EDIT: overall, I think timing issues (and possibly a bunch of bugs in the CPU opcodes?) might very well lead SNES to enable/disable in the wrong way layers and window masks and hoffs//voffs, producing some of the issues reported. also, we currently don't stop DMA if an HDMA starts in the same channel (which can break things, in principle) and this requires better timing as well to be implemented.

otoh, graphic effects and priorities seem pretty well emulated at this stage (you can compare our implementation of some effects with the snaps posted at http://board.zsnes.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=201064#201064 and you will see that our code is quite good), and it would be nice to rule out timing in the bugs above to see which problems still exist in the video code.