#Act Raiser (U) - crashes now *randomly* and can't get an inp to reproduce it (i.e. tried 5 times, 3 with inp and 2 without, crashes ONLY when I didn't recorded it, shrug), sound doesn't work anyway due of the timing crap.
#Bishoujo Wrestler Retsuden (J)
[Linked Image from mamedev.emulab.it]
[Linked Image from mamedev.emulab.it]
#Final Fight 2
Pretty obvious, timing issue
#Fushigi no Dungeon 2 - Furai no Shiren
(delete nvram)
The "ranking screen" is that "wood board" that I check as the first thing I do in the inp (yeah, it isn't supposed to fart ;D) ... then I play "randomly" for one floor
and commit suicide, the ranking screen then is clearly garbage (the same play nets something like ... hmm, 50 points in a working game?)
[Linked Image from mamedev.emulab.it]
#Ikari No Yousai
Maybe you can fix the sprites there, the garbage is caused by timing issues ... this *doesn't* happen on the US version Operation Logic Bomb, mainly because the latter has many bugfixes than the original Japanese release.
#Super Mario World
(delete nvram)

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