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The OBJ L OVER test works if you don't fast forward. It's because the RTO flag calculation is skipped if you fast forward.

I presume that's done INSIDE the VIDEO_UPDATE then, even though I've said to death to not do it here --"

I'd like to quote video/dc.c, because it's basically the same thing for this case:

MAME note

The video update function should NOT be generating interrupts, setting timers or doing _anything_ the game might be able to detect
as it will be called at different times depending on frameskip etc.

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Here comes the game of madness, bearing gifts of death and torture!

fwiw ASP - Air Strike Patrol is the US name of Desert Fighter (J) ... one of the most famous games ... of this topic at least ;D They have done everything on that game ... interlacing, mixed modes 1-7, this new issue ... shrug ...

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try with a clean build. I tried to recompile everything and Super Mario Kart (Japan) is still perfectly playable...

can anyone else reproduce problems in SMK (J)?

Tried many times ... probably you have something like OPTIMIZE=0 in makefile or dunno, it gives black screen specifically on my end for whatever reason ...
It remembers me a similar bug on Prikura Daisakusen for the ST-V back in the day ... I was getting correct graphics but Haze was getting just garbage ... turned out that I wasn't returning proper values on a DMA status bit ...

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I can still read smilies, so I knew that you were joking. but it's true that I suck on many games. with PSX-era games I got better in more game genres, but I still suck in some wink

Practice makes perfect, that's the secret of VGs ... I suck at puzzle games and 1vs1 2d beat'em ups, but mainly because I don't play these at all.