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The OBJ L OVER test works if you don't fast forward. It's because the RTO flag calculation is skipped if you fast forward.

I presume that's done INSIDE the VIDEO_UPDATE then, even though I've said to death to not do it here --"

do you refer to setting the flag or to clearing it or both? iirc, the clearing part is already outside video update (it's inside a timer that get set either by the scanline or the hblank timer); the setting part is done in snes_update_objects_rto which gets called before scanline drawing and that can be moved outside video_update if necessary. if the latter, can you suggest a smarter place to move snes_update_objects_rto at?

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Tried many times ... probably you have something like OPTIMIZE=0 in makefile or dunno

no I don't. base makefile compiled on Win32 with

make TARGET=mess MESSUI=0

however, I also tried a SYMBOLS=1 build (which sets OPTIMIZE=0) and it works as well.

what's the image crc? I'm testing the nointro dump:

crc C8002453
md5 F7AFA112D7EC1D532636703E4B02700A
sha1 CBB853BF911255C1D8EB27CD34FC7855A0DDA218