Due of the IRQ scanline triggering. Line 128 is that. My guess is that g65816 DOESN'T actually remember the IRQ firing, because I don't see any other solution to that. NMITIMEN bit 5 is enabled during STI, then the game clears it and clears the CLI too.

Oh, BSNES doesn't trigger that breakpoint at all, so I suppose that it behaves like I'm just saying.

I'm considering a MAME bug because you don't have any control over that, processors cores always acts as they remember the IRQ line raised, and the result is: a similar issue happens to Night Gal & friends system, I call a blitter write then irq the ncs and expect it to call just one irq ... no, MAME calls something like +1 irq for every time a blitter is executed, hence you have garbage for that game.

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