For what it's worth, it also does not appear to matter whether Aero is activated or not. Normally, I run with it disabled, since it causes tearing for me in a number of non-DWM-compliant applications (mostly emulators requiring high precision in hitting VBlanks and MPC-HC's syncing code).

In Stardock's forums, there is talk of a bug or something causing extremely high CPU usage or maybe your netbook's just not powerful enough to run a skinning program besides something rather demanding like Nestopia.
What OS do you run? XP like most Aspire Ones? Then you might not encounter this particular peculiarity as described by me. Does the music in games otherwise sound in any way choppy? If not, consider yourself lucky smile
Thanks to c0d3h4x0r, Nestopia's pretty much close to perfect now for my needs. I'm very glad he's decided to help smile