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Did the SNES get changed to a 21.whatever MHz clock?

If not, Kale, then you're stealing way too many cycles smile

8 master cycles is ~1 cycle at 2.68 MHz, or 1.33 cycles of what I thought MESS ran the CPU as (3.57 Mhz-ish)

I'm running it at 21.whatever smile Then, I take the single opcodes clocks and multiply by 6.
I'm sure that there are bugs in here (and I'm yet to implement cycle steal for the work RAM too), it's just sketchy atm. Plus probably we now have the probably obvious PPU timing bugs that I've said when modified the driver to run always at 512 H pixels ...

EDIT: Mario Paint now gets at the aforementioned point at V=239 (BSNES is V=229) ... we are (obviously) stealing too many cycles.

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