I'm glad to see some progress on the VideoBrain driver. I noticed that the software list comments on undumped games don't separate out the rumored ones. I suspect the rumored carts were advertised, but never actually released. Here's a list of undumped carts that have and haven't been seen:


APL/S The Computational Language
VB-81 Financier
VB-1000 Money Minder
CM01 Timeshare
ST01 Demonstration


EN07 Challenge Racer
EN08 Music Programmer
EN09 Programmable Football
EN10 Computer Life
ED07 Musicianship 1
ED08 Number Cross
ED09 Historical Simulation: France in the Old Regime
VB-59 The Programmable (same as APL/S?)
VB-1100 Budget System
VB-1200 Information Manager