hi all,

i'm having a small issue with nestopia that i'm hoping i can get resolved.

i recently installed "soft 15" so that i can get my 800x600 arcade monitor to display 1024x768. i've gone thru al my emu's and with a bit of tweaking, i've gotten them all to display correctly.

nestopia tho pans vertically. meaning, to see the top/bottom of the screen, i have to use the mouse to scroll up/down. i have the monitor mirrored to my projector and it is displaying correctly (the projector handles 1024x768 natively).

i was having this same panning issue within windows and a few other emus but after forcing the refresh rate, they became fine.

so, my long winded question, is there a way to select a ustom refresh rate within nestopia or force nestopia to use the desktop resolution/refresh rate?

fyi, my refresh rate is set at 84.

thanks all for any input