Yeah, it's lucky he posted about it, otherwise I would never have known of its existence. There were manuals and software, and the schematics revealed standard chips, nothing over-complex, so I realised that it could be emulated without much trouble.

As for encryption, as AnnaWu posted, it's really just that the address and data lines are swapped around, for convenience or annoyance who knows, in any case a single eprom always has 20 as the first byte in order to be recognised and appear in the menu. In the "encrypted" form, this becomes 02. So while appearing to be ugly, it means you can load a rom of either type and if it needs to be decrypted it will happen automatically. This even applies to the bioses, some are encrypted and some not. Obviously, we would like to have all encrypted ones if and when they become available.

Of course, software lists can be used somewhere down the track.