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Therefore, the documented Chinese name should be the Chinese name that appears in-game, and the documented English name should be... the transliterated version of the Chinese name?

please, no. the documented English name should be the English name appearing ingame, if any. if there is no english title ingame, we simply don't put any English name...

or are you suggesting to translate all the japanese titles in MAME? are you MASH in disguise? wink

I was being sarcastic.

The simple fact of the matter is that if there is an ENGLISH name in-game, that's what the game's ENGLISH name is. It doesn't matter what the hell the Chinese words transliterate to, the proper English translation is right there in the game.

Edit: By this metric, maybe we should start calling Super Mario Brothers "Suupaamariobruazazu", since that's what the Japanese characters transliterate to. While we're at it, Sonic the Hedgehog needs to be renamed to Sonikku Za Hejjihoggu, since that's what its characters transliterate to. I hope these two examples underscore how ridiculous it is to prefer translated or transliterated Chinese text over the English text that's literally right there.