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Calm down man, they're just titles. I wasn't aware it's such a big issue to people.

Whatever the case, I'm sure you guys can figure out the best way to name them, I personally don't want to go any further since it seems like this is gonna turn into some naming politics issue or something. I'm sure that whatever convention is chosen though, it won't hinder people's understanding at what it is exactly that they're playing.

Still looking forward to more progress on this driver!

Not to beat a dead horse, but I happened to be hanging out with a friend of mine this weekend who was born and raised in Hong Kong, and initially came to the USA when he was around 16; he confirms that while the transliterated title would certainly be "Bomb Bomb Zoo", anyone who actually speaks / writes Chinese natively would only double up the character for "Bomb" in order to evoke the onomatopoeia, not the actual word "Bomb".