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One more for today smile

Improved VRAM address offset for 256-colour layers. Flashback is now playable.

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Hello Barry,

do you plan to support Harddisk images for the fmtowns driver ?
The last 2 days, I spend the time to understand, how I can create Harddisk images and Partitions + install different OS like TownsOS and Win95 (special version for FMT) on the UNZ emulator. smile

At moment, I install Towns OS 2.1 L51 from CD to Harddisk.

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Need some time ...

Tried different ways to install Win95. No chance because of the missing HIMEM.SYS support on the UNZ emulator. frown

On the NEC PC-9801 emulator " Anex86 " was the Win95 installation successful. smile

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