in other news, I implemented proper emulation of the CNROM boards with 'copy-protection' which gets associated to Mapper 185

Mighty Bomb Jack (Jpn)

Seicross (Jpn)

Bird Week (Jpn)

Spy vs. Spy (Jpn)

and Sansuu 1,2,3 Nen games (snaps from the first 2 carts)

The annoying thing is that these iNES files will require a crc hack to recover the correct pins configuration which select the CHR bank (OTOH softlists won't need it, since the pin settings will be stored in the xml itself) and I still haven't added it.

Still no luck, on implementing correct wram in Nobunaga's games, which still do not save to the battery... but I hope to make progresses soon: once the main Nintendo mappers are supported properly, I will release the xml list smile