I've video-tested lastest romset

Journey to the Laugh ( Funtech , 1995 )

Lots of layer problems. Its partially playable but it makes hard to make out whats solid and whats not

Sango Fighter ( Panda Entertainment , 1995 )

Layer problems, but playable

Boom Zoo ( Funtech , 1996 )

Fully playable, no sound, of course

Sonic Dragon / Speedy Dragon ( AV Artisan , 1995 )

Lot of layer problems, bonus stage looks better but main game is totally unplayable

Super Dragon Force ( Funtech , 1995 )

It has a lot of graphical problems, some elements of the scroll seems to be corrected from previous versions, but most of graphics have fucke'd up. Early SVN: http://is.gd/d5hCo

Monopoly : Adventure in Africa ( Panda Entertainment , 1995 )

Like SDF. Some of graphics have been fuck'd up, but scroll seems to work better. Early SVN: http://is.gd/d5hGY

Super Taiwanese Baseball League and The Son of Evil doesnt boot

SVN used: r8317 x64