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I've video-tested lastest romset

Lot of layer problems, bonus stage looks better but main game is totally unplayable

It has a lot of graphical problems, some elements of the scroll seems to be corrected from previous versions, but most of graphics have fucke'd up. Some of graphics have been fuck'd up

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CONS( 1995, supracan, 0, 0, supracan, supracan, 0, "Funtech Entertainment", "Super A'Can", GAME_NO_SOUND | GAME_IMPERFECT_GRAPHICS | GAME_NOT_WORKING )

Gee, Scooter, I never would have thought that a driver marked with GAME_IMPERFECT_GRAPHICS and GAME_NOT_WORKING would have graphics that are "fucke'd up". Maybe you could spend your time doing something useful like recording videos of drivers that are marked as working, rather than working on completely killing my already-dwindling motivation to continue working on the A'Can driver?