As of rev.8358, all NES mappers have been updated to use the PCB code. you are all kindly invited to test your favorite NES games and to report any problems you can see compared to 0.138 in the NES thread.

New additions/features (compared to 0.138) include:
- All Konami VRC-2, VRC-4 and VRC-6 games work (including Japanese TMNT 1 & 2)
- Many Mapper 1 games which were broken or never worked are now fixed (e.g. Zombie Hunter, or AD&D Hillsfar)
- Mapper 185 games are now supported (e.g. Japanese versions of Mighty Bomb Jack, Spy vs. Spy and Seicross)
- Mapper 163 games are now supported (Chinese ports of games like FF7, Diablo, Chrono Trigger, Zelda Minish Cap...)
- Added keyboard support (both Famicom & Subor models) in a dedicated driver fami_key, making Famicom BASIC and most Subor educational multicarts working

If you use Bobz's daily build, you also need to update the file hash/nes.hsi because some mappers require crc_hacks in order to differentiate among several boards