brief bug report overview

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Nowdays i'm a very occupied, so sorry since I don't read all of the feedback posted here, nor the info on the source code, but let me ask: in "ninja gaiden II", on second level we have a big graphic corrupt in the backgrounds. It's a known bug?

I confirm that in the 2nd level of Ninja Gaiden 2 the bg graphics flashes all the time. given the same problem affect some games on different mappers (e.g. Firehouse Rescue on mapper 3), it seems the problem has to be searched in the PPU or CPU code. problem added in nes_mmc.c.

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Game: Don Doko Don 2 (Japan) CRC: B04ECE9E

The game hangs up when you reach the first boss.

problem confirmed and added in nes_mmc.c. Not sure when it will be fixed, but thanks for the report

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Not sure why, but the USA version "Adventures of Lolo" is booting to the grey screen with the crosshairs on my computer. The Europe version works fine, though. Do I just have a bum copy of the USA rom?

Not confirmed (even if it might have been broken when reported). But it works now.