A user post following :

cgc7900 : 210281 1.4 806k odd sum 611e.uf20 (4096 bytes) - INCORRECT CHECKSUM:
EXPECTED: CRC(00000000) SHA1(c018a23e6f2158e2d63723cade0a3ad737090921)
FOUND: CRC(8080aa2a)
romset cgc7900 is bad

Seems to be a typo, so something wrong to audit correct this rom.
CRC 00000000 can not be correct, CRC 8080aa2a is ok !

Edit: Found the typo.


ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "210281 1.4 806k odd sum 611e.uf20",
0x6001, 0x1000, CRC(I8080aa2a)
SHA1(c018a23e6f2158e2d63723cade0a3ad737090921) )

Need to changed > CRC(8080aa2a)

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