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if you open up a inp file you get jibberish like this
"MAMEINP ,сK  sfex2j MAME 0.136 (Jan 9 2010) xX[B~@@%ňE)JQ 
"E0FmEBDљF"Έ!`lE(N0ӌR§Z9q}mWi}}_9o_;}htTKKN:q:5nC8G &!Mpq}Nlg"

Opposed to something thats easily scriptable and understandable like this (once you understand the syntax)
"r.d.dr6. w40. d.dl.l.d.dl.l3. w60!"

Just because something isn't human-readable doesn't mean it's "encrypted". It's not gibberish, MAME can understand it just fine. Maybe you just need to look at the MAME source code, and make your program interpret what it's outputting.