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SVN r8714
pc6001 driver

Kale, MESSUI show me 2x Cartslots as devices. I think the second device should be called " Cassette ".

[Linked Image from img693.imageshack.us]

Toshiba Pasopia7

Lost Queen (tape images)
It seems, the game is working on Takeda�s emulator.
You need to start as first the debug version (LQDBG.cas) instead of the normal version (LQ.cas).

[Linked Image from img811.imageshack.us]

Mount LQDBG.cas
Mount LQMC.cas

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Tower of Wizard (tape images)

Mount TOW.cas
Mount TOWMAC.cas

But it is better to use the debug version too.

[Linked Image from img64.imageshack.us]

What is 'Debug version'?

Is this homebrew soft, and debug version is something which uses less hardware features, or is debug(ged) version a 'fixed' version of the game for use in emulators?

It sounds a bit strange ;-)