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SVN r8714
pc6001 driver

Kale, MESSUI show me 2x Cartslots as devices. I think the second device should be called " Cassette ".

Toshiba Pasopia7

Lost Queen (tape images)
It seems, the game is working on Takeda´s emulator.
You need to start as first the debug version (LQDBG.cas) instead of the normal version (LQ.cas).

Mount LQDBG.cas
Mount LQMC.cas

Tower of Wizard (tape images)

Mount TOW.cas
Mount TOWMAC.cas

But it is better to use the debug version too.

What is 'Debug version'?

Is this homebrew soft, and debug version is something which uses less hardware features, or is debug(ged) version a 'fixed' version of the game for use in emulators?

It sounds a bit strange ;-)