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SVN r8714
pc6001 driver

Kale, MESSUI show me 2x Cartslots as devices. I think the second device should be called " Cassette ".

Yes, I'm aware, as I've said in the commit that's just an ugly hack that I've implemented in order to not get nuts with the MCU crapness ... remember that basically I don't have ANY docs for this system, so anything that I do is just based on guesses ... I've also fixed a loading bug with it, so you can now load almost every mode 1/2 PC-6001 software, and that might help if somebody wants to fix the cassette loading.

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as long as it is coded as a cart slot, its name cannot be changed.

also, I start wondering if the .p6 and .cas are really representation of the content of the cassettes or if they only are memory snapshots of the loaded program (like .t64 files for the C64). if they latter, they are not cassette images at all and it would mean no real tape could be re-created starting from them...

I hope to obtain a pc6001 wav file, eventually

If you check PD "MyCom Basic" games there are .wav version of them. And yes, I agree too that they are just memory snapshots.