This is great news!

I am surprised that somebody took it upon themselves to continue where the original Author left off.

It's sad that the original Author has abandoned his creation & if he could only be contacted I'd really want him to answer a few questions that has bugged me after he released version 1.38 of the emulator.

First off, why did he removed the emulator's support, or rather the emulator's ability to recognize & emulate games that use a few Mappers, mostly once used by Unlicensed &/or prototype games such a Free Fall? I know a lot of these games that uses the mapper boards he removed support from his emulator are bad games, but still they are a part of the rich history that the NES/FamiCom had. Instead of removing mappers, shouldn't he had added more, so that the emulator could be "perfect"?

My next question is, why did he make his emulator so "perfect" that it will not recognize & run ROMs that are hard patched with translations &/or ROM Hacks? Sure to compensate he did made it so that soft patching will work, but a lot of ROM Hackers are avoiding Nestopia like the plague because of this feature.

Because of those two improvements, I've stuck with version 1.37 of the emulator & I'd really would have loved it if the 2xSAI filter was already present in that version LOL!

To be honest, I absolutely love this emulator especially since it's currently the one I use that is capable of emulating the FamiCom Disk System perfectly smile A lot of people say that FCEUX beats Nestopia, but I could never get that damn emulator to run FDS Games, even though both emulators use the "disksys.rom" ROM Image of the FDS BIOS.

I wish you sir would consider re-adding those mappers the original Author took out or even add a few more, so the emulator can play a lot more stuff. And I also hope you can do something about that "modified ROM identified, I will not run/load this" issue as well smile