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My next question is, why did he make his emulator so "perfect" that it will not recognize & run ROMs that are hard patched with translations &/or ROM Hacks?

This is just a wild guess, but I expect it's because it's senseless to shit up an internal DB with such magnum opuses as "Penis Mario" and such.

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A lot of people say that FCEUX beats Nestopia

Not to be too snarky, since you're not agreeing with those people, but a lot of people say pretty stupid things, that being one of them. I'd be curious to hear one of those people give details as to the universe they live in, because I personally would like to know in what universe FCEUX "beats" Nestopia. Certainly not one where accuracy is king, because in that regard FCEUX is shit.

As far as I can tell, ROM Hackers love FCEUX because of the fact that it is not such a bitch with Fan Translation & Hack patches & they are raving about the emulator's debugger that as the claim is way more friendlier than Nestopia's.

But I couldn't agree with you more that FCEUX IS NOT better than Nestopia.

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The translations he's talking about are of games with "bad" iNES mappers--cases where two incompatible boards got lumped under the same mapper number, so that you need either an internal DB or some kind of heuristic identification (ugh) to emulate the iNES-format ROM.

Also, most NES ROM Fan Translations that were made prior to 2004 are hosted on ROMs hosting sites pre-patched onto the target ROM so you essentially will be getting a modified ROM off hand & if Nestopia doesn't like these off hand then it kinda is of a bother.

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