Phil, could you please re-up the MAME hack to dump FM patches? I know it's a reply to a very old post, but I just stumbled upon this board today when giving M1 a fresh look on an "arcade sound" stint. (I happen to be a musician with a primary interest in oldschool FM/PSG chips and tracking.)

Like the guy who started this thread, I too find the idea of being able to revive some of the authentic FM instrument sounds from the "old masters" very exciting; both with isolating a channel to hear the individual tracks and also being able to reproduce the individual instruments themselves in VOPM.

I tried all the links in this thread, but it seems that all of them our dead. I know of at least 2 people other than me who would also be interested in the hack mentioned in here, so if it's not too much trouble, I'm sure that it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much :3


Nobuyuki at 8bitcollective