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Kale, here some infos to some software wink :

Arion (ASCII) (1986).d88
Back To The Future (Pony) (1986).d88
Basic-M25 V1(6Z002) (Sharp) (1985).d88
Basic-M25 V2(6Z002) (Sharp) (1986).d88
Black Onyx (BPS) (1985).d88
Excite Bike (Hudson Soft).d88
Fenix Shell [S.Uchida] [1991].d88
Final Mystery Murder Club A (RiverHill Soft).d88
Final Mystery Murder Club B (RiverHill Soft).d88
Hover Attack (Compac) (1984).d88
Laydock (T&E Soft).d88
Macadam (dB-Soft).d88
Mahjong (Chatnoir) (1984).d88
Mappy [Dempa] [1986].d88
Marchen Veil (Sacom) (1985).d88
Multiplan A (Microsoft) (1984).d88
Multiplan B (Microsoft) (1984).d88
Nobo (Kazuhiko) (1985).d88
Penguin Kun Wars (ASCII) (1985).d88
Personal CPM 1.0A (Sharp).d88
Phantom Heart (Xtalsoft) (1984].d88
Relics (Bothec) (1985).d88
Sangokushi (Koei) (1987).d88
The Fire Crystal (BPS) (1984).d88
The Tower Of Druaga (Dempa) (1984).d88
Tritorn (Sein Soft) (1985).d88
Xevious (Dempa) (1986).d88
Ys3 (Falcom) (1989).d88
Ys3 Data (Falcom) (1989).d88

Thanks, I'll probably do my first software list tomorrow wink

And, anyway, something that I really wanted to emulate here ...
[Linked Image from mamedev.emulab.it]