I've tried there too, doesn't work to me? Maybe I have a bad dump?
EDIT: ok, it actually works, loading is just painfully slow ...

Also, I wonder how the HDD interface really works ... any idea about how to install any game on that?

Finally, here's my current ToDo list, anything not listed there isn't known:

	- Kanji text is cutted in half when font_size is 1 / interlace is disabled, different data used?
	  (check Back to the Future);
	- Find real CRTC registers
	- Some games doesn't set proper registers if you have interlace enabled, is there any real reason?
	- Implement external ROM hook-up;
	- FDC loading without the IPLPRO doesn't work at all, why?
	- reverse / blanking tvram attributes;
	- clean-ups! ^^'

    per-game/program specific TODO:
	- (Renju): hangs on the "presents" screen;
	- (Xtal Soft - The Prince of Darkness): dies on IPLPRO loading, presumably a wd17xx core bug;
	- (Sound Gal): dies with bad code, another wd17xx core bug;
	- Basic: vertical scrolling returns wrap-around that shouldn't wrap;
	- Basic: loading has an alignment bug with the bitmap
	- (K2): doesn't seem to work, there was a "Disk I/O error" msg before;
	- LayDock: hangs by reading the FDC status and expecting it to become 0x81;
	- Mappy: TVRAM layer is double x sized than it should be;
	- Marchen Veil I: dies with garbage on screen;
	- Moon Child: needs mixed 3+3bpp tvram supported;
	- Multiplan: hangs after you set the RTC;
	- Murder Club: has lots of CG artifacts;
	- Penguin Kun Wars: has a bug with window effects ("Push space or trigger" msg on the bottom"), needs investigation;
	- Relics: doesn't boot, bad dump?
	- Super MZ Demo 1: Hangs at the logo "roar".
	- Telephone Soft: shows garbage with the CG layer;
	- The Black Onyx: hangs at the title screen, background should also animate;
	- The Tower of Druaga: has a small priority/layer clearance bug at the digital / analog screen select;
	- Xevious: has issues with the window effects, it should actually be applied on TV layer and not CG.
	- Ys 3: has garbage on top / bottom (note: you have to load both disks at start-up otherwise it refuses to run)

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