I just wanted to report a bug in movie recording. I am using Nestopia 1.40 and haven't changed any settings or anything.

I have used the movie recording feature successfully on several games, but I have found one it refuses to work with. That game is Metal Gear. I tried it with Metal Gear (E) (!) and now with Metal Gear (U) and the result is the same.

If I record a movie, the playback is always completely screwed up (ie: character doing things I didn't do, game pausing and un-pausing and other senseless actions). If I try to export to AVI, it gives me a "File is Corrupt!" error followed by an AVI recording error and no file is saved. I immediately tried it with a random game (Baseball Simulator 1000) and it worked fine, but another try with Metal Gear (both versions) do the exact same thing.

Should be easy enough to reproduce. Just record the first 10 seconds of gameplay and see for yourself. This is the only game I have found to have this problem.