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[quote=Anna Wu]SVN r9392
Mephisto MM2
Mephisto Vancouver 16-bit

really, whoever submitted it should have thought about this before, not after. The driver is now in a strange state of limbo. Anybody could rewrite it because it's fairly simple, and the roms are out there, so what's stopping somebody doing exactly that? It's a 1984 system.

Maybe you don�t believe it, but the company which still has the copyright for this old mephisto chess computers keeps
an eye on the Chess Computer Emulators. Someone from this company wrotes a few lines in a germen chess forum after publishing the first mephisto drivers.

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well the roms are already out there at this point, if they're going to take legal action against the guy for releasing them they can already do so.

as for the actual driver, there is nothing in any way illegal about emulating a piece of hardware from 1984. No action can be taken against MESS for emulating what is basically a glorified input/output lights system. MESS is not infringing on any copyrights.

As for artwork, if it's anything other than generic it shouldn't be distributed with MESS in the first place, just like the MAME art is left to separate projects (even in cases where it is required)

the removal serves no real purpose at this point because the 'damage' has already been done.