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Can someone translate the post from the company on that forum so we know what we're dealing with? smile
Ok, here's an automatic (but not so bad) Google translation:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have followed with interest this post and am delighted with the still very active and creative chess community.

However, I am obliged to protect the rights of our company. The transfer or release of "ROMs" the Mephisto chess computer is generally not allowed. The copyright has the Saitek formerly Hegener GmbH & Glaser AG.

However, I would not for now wield the legal hammer but call for a responsible approach. In our age of Internet, control of it is utopian anyway.

In its present form, I don't see (yet) a threat to our economic interests. In addition, there are no financial intentions apparent for the author of the emulation software and also in sharing . But please understand this is not a blank check.

If this state should change, we will use all legal means at our disposal to protect our investment.

A wish yet: Please remove the links to the public Mephisto ROMs

Yours sincerely,
Mark Kenstler
Product Manager
Saitek Elektronik Vertriebs GmbH, Landsberger Str 400, 81241 M�nchen

I've just seen that this Google translation was NOT as good as I thought at first, so I have corrected a few wrong things.

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