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I get this error when compiling the latest svn

Compiling src/emu/sound/cdp1863.c...
src/emu/sound/cdp1863.c:20:33: error: cpu/cdp1802/cdp1802.h: No such file or dir
make: *** [obj/windows/mess/emu/sound/cdp1863.o] Error 1

Curt removed some, so this error should be fixed.
I have still a problem if I try to compile the tools.

SVN r9420

C:\Emulator\Mess\SVN\Bin\mess>make TARGET=mess
make: Nothing to be done for `default'.

C:\Emulator\Mess\SVN\Bin\mess>make TARGET=mess tools
Linking unidasm.exe...
obj/windows/mess/tools/unidasm.o:unidasm.c:(.rdata+0x50c): undefined reference
to `cpu_disassemble_cdp1802(legacy_cpu_device*, char*, unsigned int, unsigned
char const*, unsigned char const*, int)'collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [unidasm.exe] Error 1

Can someone confirm the error ?

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