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Why doesn't SHIFT have PORT_CHAR(UCHAR_MAMEKEY(LSHIFT))? And, more importantly... What's the difference? confused

For natural keyboard mode you can list two characters for the same key, e.g. PORT_CHAR('4') PORT_CHAR('$')

The PORT_CHAR(UCHAR_SHIFT_1) then tells MESS that this is the modifier key that needs to be held down to get the second character listed. This allows things like copy-paste into MESS to work. (It's also possible to use PORT_CHAR(UCHAR_SHIFT_2) and have 3 characters for the same key.)

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Well... CTRL+M should be the same as pressing the RETURN key, CTRL+C should break a running BASIC program or LIST output, and abort a line you were typing, CTRL+S should pause (and then resume) a running BASIC program or LIST output... not much more than that.

OK. Looks like both Ctrl keys are already working in natural keyboard mode as well so the PORT_CODE changes should be enough.