I've got a question.

I'm running SVN9523, and found this behavior a bit of a nuisance. When I start the oric1 driver with messui it every now writes wrong data th othe cfg file.

<device instance="cassette" directory="c:\Emu\Mess\software\oric1\Tangerine Oric-1 & Atmos - Various - [TAP] (TOSEC-v2006-04-18)\3D Luffar-Schack v1.2 (1983)(-)(en-se).zip\" /> 
instead of
<device instance="cassette" directory="c:\Emu\Mess\software\oric1\" />
and then if you restart the emu it doesn't read from the cfg file and tries to rewrite it, but ends up writing the same data over.

only solution I found is to remove the file and restart the driver with no image attached and then it writes the correct data