and as I've said, given some improvements to the cheat / debug engine I'm pretty sure half of this could be implemented in external scripts. I believe this to be the better long-term solution, and will allow the drivers to remain clean and the actual MESS core to concentrate on the actual emulation of the system.

For copy, parameters could be read out of ram, acted upon, data could be read out ram, processed, and placed on the clipboard.

The reverse could be done for paste.

If scripted, rather than hacked into the drivers, I imagine it will be a lot less fragile too.

The feature could work if implemented *properly*, but being hacked into drivers / core is not a proper solution. Direct RAM access is still ugly, but, it's a feature which exists for cheats etc. and if it's external to the actual driver source code it's far less ugly. Nobody is saying it isn't a useful feature, but the existing methods to support it are gross.