If the game is stuttering a lot it just means your computer is not powerful enough to run it at full speed. That's all there is to it. I also have the "game issues/not 100%" screen and yet I can run it at full speed (and even at 5 times the full speed by hitting F10).

Trying to run it on Windows Mame through a windows emulator will probably result only in even worse performance. Do I have to explain why?

About the "rewrite the game" message. There are basically two versions of this game, "with CD" and "without CD", the versions with CD require a chd (image of the CD) to run them in MAME and they will require to rewrite the game at FIRST BOOT ONLY. It takes a lot of time (as much as it takes in reality) but once it is done MAME creates a quite large NVRAM file which is basically a save, and once you have that NVRAM file you can run the game without rewriting the game anymore at boot time. The versions "with CD" and "without CD" don't have a noticeable difference in performance during gameplay.

Hope this helps.

BTW you're not supposed to infringe copyright laws, so if you do it, at least don't say it.