How do create, initialize and format (MS-DOS) a Harddisk image by using MESS and CHDMAN.

1.) Create a blank Harddisk image.
CHDMAN -createblankhd <chdfile> <cylinders> <heads> <sectors>
Example: 260MB
CHDMAN -createblankhd HDD260MB.chd 640 16 52

2.) Mount the created blank Harddisk image.

3.) Mount the MS-DOS 6.2 (for FM-Towns) Floppy Disk Image.

4.) Start The FM-Towns emulation (MESS).

5.) If you see the DOS prompt type setup2 to start the setup.

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6.) You will see now the following screen:

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7.) Press Enter

8.) Move to D: press Enter, select the 2nd option and press Enter again, select the 1st option then press Enter

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9.) Press Tab, press Enter and then press Y. You get now following screen:

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10.) Press Enter on Drive No. 1 and you will see 5 columns here relating to the HDD.
a) In the first column press Enter then type HDD (as example) for the label and press Enter.
b) You will now be in second column. Press Enter, select MS-DOS for the OS type and press Enter again.
c) You will now be in the third column. Press the right arrow so that you move to the fourth column. Press Enter, select the 2nd option to set the Harddisk image as active and press Enter.
d) You will now be in the fifth column. Press Enter then hold down the right arrow until all the space is assigned and then press Enter again.
As example 127MB are assigned.

11.) Press F3 and you see following screen:

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12.) Press F3 twice and then press Y and Enter. The Harddisk image is initialized.

13.) The FM-Towns driver make now a reset.

14.) If you see the DOS prompt type format d: /s and press Enter.

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15.) The Harddisk image is now formatted and bootable.

If you have still problems to boot the Harddisk image then check whether the Harddisk image was really initialized and formatted or not.
Also it can be, the CMOS RAM is wrong which is saved as NVRAM (fmtowns.nv).
Delete the older one or replace it with this file .

To modify files on the Harddisk image and/or convert the Harddisk image see here .