How do create and initialize (Towns System Software V2.1L51) a Harddisk image by using MESS and CHDMAN + install TownsOS.

Part 2

19.) Choose 1st option then select the next 1st option [0] for the Harddisk.

[Linked Image from]

20.) You will see now the following screen:

[Linked Image from]

21.) Choose what you want install, depent of the available space and press OK (twice).

22.) The TownsOS make automatically a reset and restart TownsOS.

23.) Click on the HD Installer symbol [Linked Image from] again to continue the TownsOS installation.

24.) TownsOS will now be installed on the Harddisk image.

[Linked Image from]

25.) Just confirm always with OK.

26.) TownsOS make the next reset and show you the installed OS on the Harddisk.

[Linked Image from]

27.) Finish, TownsOS is installed and the Harddisk image is bootable.

Barry, not sure some important points are missing. Can you make a double check please ?