How do create and initialize (Towns System Software V2.1L51) a Harddisk image by using MESS and CHDMAN + install TownsOS.

Part 2

19.) Choose 1st option then select the next 1st option [0] for the Harddisk.

20.) You will see now the following screen:

21.) Choose what you want install, depent of the available space and press OK (twice).

22.) The TownsOS make automatically a reset and restart TownsOS.

23.) Click on the HD Installer symbol again to continue the TownsOS installation.

24.) TownsOS will now be installed on the Harddisk image.

25.) Just confirm always with OK.

26.) TownsOS make the next reset and show you the installed OS on the Harddisk.

27.) Finish, TownsOS is installed and the Harddisk image is bootable.

Barry, not sure some important points are missing. Can you make a double check please ?