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The pce code is basically public, it's just not in svn yet because it isn't 100% correct and too slow.

@Haze: I don't like copy/pasting and extending the pce video code knowing it is incorrect. Btw, I usually find fixing cpu cores easier to do wink
my beloved judge!!! [Linked Image from emoticonhq.com]

Is this meant as trolling just because judge 'disagreed' with me? because it's about Outrun2006 level.

the fact remains, having the CPU code running properly is more important than the video implementation, and there is a _lot_ more to PCFX than having the PCE code. Most of the games are FMV based games which will a least require the MJPEG stuff, and all the games will require CPU improvements, I don't even believe it supports proper interrupts yet, nor is capable of running any Virtual Boy stuff. The existing core was written for some Shogi games in MAME, which just use it as a simple AI processor.

If judge is good at improving the core, good, his skills will be needed, however your comment seems pointless.