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The pce code is basically public, it's just not in svn yet because it isn't 100% correct and too slow.

@Haze: I don't like copy/pasting and extending the pce video code knowing it is incorrect. Btw, I usually find fixing cpu cores easier to do wink
my beloved judge!!! [Linked Image from emoticonhq.com]

Is this meant as trolling just because judge 'disagreed' with me?
Nope it had nothing to do with anything, I had been away for quite a while and this is the first post by judge I see have since for months/possibly years?. And since I love judge, I just quoted his post and posted a love emot. That's all there is to it.

Sorry if you took it personally, don't let your ego nitpick every post, even the most innocent one.

BTW still waiting your PM so I can explain you some interesting stuffs about the complex SNES scene(s).

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however your comment seems pointless.
If you find it useless, fine, then just ignore it. It was addressed to judge.