which was my point in the first place.

the discussion was about what PCFX would need, I gave some input based on the brief look I took at myself, then somebody made a needless comment and started dev bashing again.

I clarified my point, without proper running CPU code you can't even begin to implement any of the new PCFX features. I should give judge's PCE code a whirl anyawy, but Kale seemed to think it barely hits 80-100% on a top end i7 system so yeah, that does sound a little slow.

I can only guess that somebody doesn't like my idea of implementing something that's "good enough" to make progress in other areas, and instead wants it perfect from the start (the poster has previously show similar behavior with regards software lists criticizing the team for using existing dumps). In general, MAME / MESS don't work like that, progress is incremental, features improve together, over time. Trying to do something perfect from day 1 tends to just result in nothing ever getting done.

This thread is about progress, and I'd rather see some progress than no progress because people are too hung up on ideals.

PC-FX and Virtual Boy are interesting targets, and I imagine once work starts on the CPU core we'll start to see a fair amount of progress on the VB too :-)